The Audacity Group

An independent brand strategy company helping brands define and secure their future. We believe strategy, culture, storytelling and sustainability are inter-connected.

Change what you value and why you are valued.

The Audacity Group helps companies navigate the opportunities in being competitive, responsible, distinctive and kind. We revitalise how you compete in a warming world. We help you do what’s right in modern markets. Define what will sustain you, decide the strategy that will drive you, build the culture that binds you, and tell the stories that make you wonderful.


We work with businesses looking to bring their future to life. From strategy to culture to the details of execution, we’ll help see you home.

Property Brokers

Taking a new lead

Voice Brand Agency

Property Brokers is one of the most successful real estate companies in the country. Still they dared to ask “where do we go next?”. This strategy was about lifting their presence whilst staying true to everything their customers valued.

Lead the way

Trade Me

Culture as an avatar

Cato Brand Partners

Other companies might choose to express what’s important to them on paper, but New Zealand’s largest trading platform took an unconventional approach to representing their values. They decided to bring them to life in a series of distinctive avatars.

Define what matters


A new language mushrooms

This successful producer wanted to reframe their products to help consumers rethink the possibilities of mushrooms. We worked with Meadows to change the language they used,  and therefore the stories they could tell, by connecting the produce with occasions.

Share your stories


How to identify and meet unmet customer needs

How to identify and meet unmet customer needs

Reading Time: 10 minutes Many people believe that an innovation will sell itself; that if they present a solution that is well crafted, brimming with features and solves the problem they have identified, then they will enjoy success. But catering to unmet customer...

Quickly make 5 major brand strategy decisions

Quickly make 5 major brand strategy decisions

Reading Time: 4 minutesFive major brand strategy decisions help marketers and business owners quickly define the key connective elements of their wider brand definition. Our Brand Definition Funnel enables a business or marketing team to broadly define how they intend...

Why linking strategy, culture and stories matters

Why linking strategy, culture and stories matters

Reading Time: 5 minutesIt’s tempting to ignore linking strategy, culture and stories. After all they seem like different things, and address different aspects of bringing a brand to life. At first glance, strategy focuses on where the business needs to get to. Culture...

Introducing the Brand Definition Funnel

Introducing the Brand Definition Funnel

Reading Time: 11 minutesWe’re all aware of the consumer decision journey that describes how buyers come to decisions. But if you’re a marketer building a brand from scratch, or you are charged with reviewing what a current brand’s future looks like, how do you review...

Looking to change your world?

No two ways about it: the challenges today are huge. There’s competition everywhere. It’s intense. And yet the opportunities to make a difference, and create your difference, are so exciting. Sustainable, purposeful, intelligent business has never been more important