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The Audacity Group is a brand strategy micro agency that helps brands in Australia and New Zealand to thrive in the world ahead. We rationalise and imagine. We work with brands looking to define their future, unite their people and tell their best stories. This is not the time to hold back. Confident brands thrive.

Change what you value and why you are valued.

The Audacity Group helps companies navigate the opportunities in being competitive, responsible, distinctive and kind. We think about the creative opportunities, but we also consider the business and cultural strategy of brands. Let us revitalise how you compete. We can also help you do what’s right, and what’s smart, in modern markets.

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Brand Future


We engage with brand owners to imagine and map the short, medium and long-term paths that define your brand future. The whole point is to make your brands as relevant, distinctive and valuable as possible. Talk to us if you’re looking to enter a market, you need to improve performance, your brand is stuck or you’re ready to grow like never before.

Build a


The right brand culture brings the powerful sense of identity and shared beliefs that people need to deliver your strategy effectively. Get in touch if your brand culture is not thriving, if you lack the principled culture to deliver on your strategy, if you need to define and forge a next-era vision or if you have a specific element (such as purpose or values) that you need to resolve.

Be an


Rich stories turn data, rationale and plans into narratives that make sense and can be easily shared. Let’s talk if you’re looking to find the right story to tell, if you have a complex story that needs simplifying or if you need to develop a pitch approach. We can also help you put a powerful and common brand language system around all of your communications.


It’s a real joy to work with brands across a wide range of sectors in our part of the world.


Summoning the four winds

Cato Brand Partners

Story meets place in this distinctive building: the new conference and exhibition centre for Wellington. The strategy and identity took its cues and inspiration from a powerful karakia that summoned the winds to the city’s new meeting place.

Lead the way

Riders & Elephants

Promoting emotional leadership

We’ve been advising Jeremy Dean, creator of the globally successful Emotional Culture Deck and more, on a range of initiatives for his inventive game-making company Riders & Elephants. Redefining what corporate culture can mean for people.

Define what matters


Take a sec to check

Campaign work is something we really enjoy, so it was great to work with the WorkSafe team to develop this iteration of their energy safety campaign – once again, featuring the very much loved feline icon Claude.

Share your stories


Participation versus disparity for brands

Participation versus disparity for brands

Reading Time: 2 minutesIt’s tempting to think that talent and tenacity are all your brand needs to succeed. But the biggest challenge every brand faces is disparity: the ability to forge a profile in their sector that stands them apart from everyone...

Long Arc is our brand storytelling workshop

Long Arc is our brand storytelling workshop

Reading Time: 8 minutesAt any given point in time, you are somewhere in the story of your brand. You may be starting out or on the cusp of huge change. Your brand may be continuing something you started years ago. There may be plenty to share right now. Or plenty to...

Should your brand commit to a deliberate strategy?

Should your brand commit to a deliberate strategy?

Reading Time: 10 minutesA deliberate strategy is one that locks your brand into an approach for the foreseeable future based on clear data and harnessing the resources of the organisation to make that happen. It is a highly intentional strategy – motivating people to...

Refreshing your brand promise

Refreshing your brand promise

Reading Time: 6 minutesIf you need to change how you are seen in the market, refreshing your brand promise (and committing to what it now requires) could be a powerful and effective solution. It’s tempting to believe that great products will sell themselves. Or even...

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Intelligent, principled, articulate brands have never been more important. We help brand managers define a future that fits your organisation’s wider strategy, delivers brand performance now, and will deepen relevance, value, equity and reputation over time.