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The Audacity Group is an independent brand strategy agency that helps brands in Australia and New Zealand to thrive in the world ahead. We work with brand owners and their agencies to develop effective and informed brand strategies that grow and protect brand equity, market position and reputation.

Change what you value and why you are valued.

The Audacity Group helps companies navigate the opportunities in being competitive, responsible, distinctive and kind. We revitalise how you compete in a warming world. We help you do what’s right in modern markets. Define what will sustain you, decide the strategy that will drive you, build the culture that binds you, and tell the stories that make you wonderful.

Define Your
Brand Future


The primary purpose of brand strategy is to make your brands as relevant, distinctive and valuable as possible. Approach your current situation honestly. Quantify your appetite for risk. Know what success looks like. Make the conscious decision to build each brand as a bankable asset. By choosing to define your future, you give your brand “forecastable history”.

Build a


The old precepts of fit are giving way to demands for flexibility. Holding this “distributed workforce” together requires new ways of executing and organising. You’ll need to balance cohesion and diversity. Achieve that by focusing on what will bring people together emotionally. The right brand culture brings the powerful sense of identity and shared beliefs that people need to deliver your defined future effectively. Principles focus collective energy.

Be an


Reputation and availability drive inclination. The goal of every brand is to be present in the most compelling and consistent form to everyone shopping in your category. Know why you want to be known, and what you want to be known for. Fixate on your brand codes. Speak with confidence and ease. Say things people remember. To be competitive, you must be articulate. Rich stories turn data, rationale and plans into narratives that make sense and can be easily shared.


It’s a real joy to work with brands across a wide range of sectors in our part of the world.


Summoning the four winds

Cato Brand Partners

Story meets place in this distinctive building: the new conference and exhibition centre for Wellington. The strategy and identity took its cues and inspiration from a powerful karakia that summoned the winds to the city’s new meeting place.

Lead the way

Riders & Elephants

Promoting emotional leadership

We’ve been advising Jeremy Dean, creator of the globally successful Emotional Culture Deck and more, on a range of initiatives for his inventive game-making company Riders & Elephants. Redefining what corporate culture can mean for people.

Define what matters


Take a sec to check

Campaign work is something we really enjoy, so it was great to work with the WorkSafe team to develop this iteration of their energy safety campaign – once again, featuring the very much loved feline icon Claude.

Share your stories


Strategic goal setting, water and bicycles

Strategic goal setting, water and bicycles

Reading Time: 4 minutesHere’s a salutary little tale about strategic goal setting. It’s no news that there is a global water crisis and that large corporations, which consume 40% of all the water used in the developed world, have an important role to play in being...

Taking the time to build a sustainable brand

Taking the time to build a sustainable brand

Reading Time: 10 minutesOn the face of it, building a sustainable brand looks relatively straight-forward. After all many brands already claim to be doing this. That’s both good news – and misleading. Taking the time to build a sustainable brand requires patience,...

Why linking strategy, culture and stories matters

Why linking strategy, culture and stories matters

Reading Time: 5 minutesIt’s tempting to ignore linking strategy, culture and stories. After all they seem like different things, and address different aspects of bringing a brand to life. At first glance, strategy focuses on where the business needs to get to. Culture...

How to identify and meet unmet customer needs

How to identify and meet unmet customer needs

Reading Time: 10 minutes Many people believe that an innovation will sell itself; that if they present a solution that is well crafted, brimming with features and solves the problem they have identified, then they will enjoy success. But catering to unmet customer...

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No two ways about it: the challenges today are huge. There’s competition everywhere. It’s intense. And yet the opportunities to make a difference, and create your difference, are so exciting. Sustainable, purposeful, intelligent brands have never been more important.