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Accuracy of information

This Website provides general information about The Audacity Group, our philosophies and how we work and think. We have taken reasonable measures to ensure the material on this Website is free from error, but we do not guarantee its completeness or accuracy. 

The information on this Website is generalised and is not intended to be read or acted on as tailored advice to you. Any actions you take based on any information on this Website are at your own risk and you accept full liability for, and all consequences of, any such actions. We accept no loss, liability or otherwise resulting from your use of or reliance on any of the information on this Website.

Intellectual property

Except as otherwise specified in these Terms or on this Website, all intellectual property contained in or displayed on this Website is owned by The Audacity Group, including all information, models, opinions, content, layout and graphic design elements. We reserve all rights to our intellectual property. 

Intellectual property that is contained in or displayed on this Website and not owned by The Audacity Group includes:

  • Project information/material on our “Work” page, as it is owned by one of our partners. Our partners’ intellectual property/copyright arrangements apply to the aspects of the work they are involved with.
  • Photographs used in our blog posts, which are sourced from stock libraries that specifically permit the use of their non-attributable photographic content for commercial and non-commercial use. If you feel we have accidentally infringed your intellectual property ownership in the use of any images, please contact us.

Where you cite, quote from or otherwise publish anything taken from this Website, you must expressly acknowledge our rights to that content (for example, by including a credit or citing the Website as your source). You must only use Website content for informational, non-commercial purposes and you must not pass off our content as your own. If you use any graphic that is taken from the Website and owned by us, you must include the Audacity branding as part of that graphic and include the link on a do-follow basis back to our Website. 

We take no responsibility for any Website content/information that is republished on another Website or in other media without our express permission. 

“Audacity” is a registered trademark in New Zealand.

Use of personal information

Any personal information which we obtain from you through this Website will be handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy.


We welcome and encourage feedback on this Website, particularly in relation to our blog posts. We reserve the right to edit or delete any comment that:

  • We deem to be spam or promotional in nature rather than a specific response to the post topic. Links are permitted, provided they are relevant.
  • Includes profanities or any language or statements that we deem offensive. This includes but is not limited to language and ideas that we consider sexist, racist, ageist, abusive, non-inclusive, threatening, pornographic, offensive, misleading or libellous.
  • Attacks, belittles or harasses any person in any way.
  • Is posted in such a way that the comment is anonymous or uses a pseudonym. We only accept comments from commenters who identify themselves.
  • We otherwise consider inappropriate.

 We use antispam software to monitor comments and activity on our Website. While we encourage debate and discussion, we insist that people engage in such exchanges with respect.

 Any feedback that you make to the Website (via comments on our blog for example) is not held as confidential. 

Third-party links

As part of helping people to find out more about interesting current thinking in business and branding, this Website may feature links to other websites. These links are intended for informational purposes only and to provide further detail on what others have said. We do not examine or evaluate all content held in such third-party links, and provide no endorsement for that content, for the wider content of that website or for the owners and affiliates of that website. 

Any use you make of material accessed through third-party links is at your own discretion and risk. We are not liable for any loss related to the purchase or use of goods, services, resources, content, or any other transactions made in connection with any third-party website.  

The Mark Di Somma website ( is the personal website of Mark Di Somma who works for The Audacity Group. 

We do not receive any compensation or commission from companies for the information and posts on our Website. We do not have sponsored content or links. We do not participate in affiliate marketing. 

We reserve the right to prohibit any third-party link and to demand any link to the Website be removed. If you do create a link to this Website, you remain fully responsible for any consequences, liabilities or losses, direct or indirect, arising from use of that link.


We do our best to check the statements we make and information we publish for accuracy and fairness, however there may occasionally be errors, inaccuracies, or omissions. We do not guarantee the completeness or accuracy of the Website or its content, nor do we undertake to update, amend or clarify the Website or its content. If you believe that we have said something about you, your brand or business that requires correction, or if we have inadvertently breached your copyright or other rights in any way, please contact us at

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