Do what’s right

The Audacity Group works best with companies looking to be on the “right side of right” when it comes to sustainable brand thinking. Right-minded companies see value in being adaptive. They seek to be kind. They are committed to having a wider impact where they can. They want to be open and transparent. And they recognise that the dilemmas they face in a warming world are best solved by decisions and innovation rather than platitudes.


We focus on projects and situations rather than accounts.


We tackle immediate needs within the context of long-term opportunities.


We’re evidence driven.


We quantify goals.


We see strategy, culture, sustainability and stories as integrated, not as separate entities.


We adapt how we work to meet what you need.

Our approach

We’re not a big team. We find we don’t need to be. But we get a lot done on a small body-count because we work with great people and we’re very clear about where we add value.


Our approach is thorough and highly consultative. Our role is to help businesses and brands to articulate and achieve the future they set for yourselves. Our approach revolves around responsible and effective options to move you forward.


Open minded
We bring open minds to every project. We listen to everything we are told carefully and objectively. We sift and sort opinions, facts and anecdotes – and we check back with you to ensure that what we are hearing and understanding is plausible.


Designed to succeed
We work with a number of communications companies, including some of the most trusted and respected design houses in New Zealand and Australia.


All embracing
We partner with specialists in a range of other disciplines to help resolve problems in sustainable and ethical ways.


We don’t leave results to chance. For direct projects, we often advocate for measurement frameworks that ensure you can accurately set targets and monitor how you are changing.

No time like the present

To find out more about how The Audacity Group can help your company secure its future, call us today on +64 4 801 7720 or email us. We can help you brand your tomorrow.