Brand building strategies

At The Audacity Group, we focus on building brands that perform. Our tailored brand building strategies make sure that your brand aligns with, and contributes to, the wider business strategy, that it works hard for what people expect now and that it accumulates value and respect over time.

We do that in three ways. By defining a future that re-imagines your brand’s value in a category – or even reinvents the category itself. By inviting the people who work for your brand to pursue growth and success via a principled culture. And by creating and sharing stories and a cohesive language system that give your brand fluency and flair.

Your brand should do you proud. Brand with confidence.


We combine business and creative strategy.


We understand public sector vs commercial brand building.


We address immediate needs and long-term opportunities.


We consider your brand strategy, culture and stories holistically.


We draw on our experiences across many sectors and different markets.


We offer a range of ways to help over different timeframes.

Our brand building approach

We’re not a big team. But we get a lot done on a small body-count because we bring real strategic experience and we’re very clear about where we add value.


We pride ourselves on finding the proverbial problem in the haystack, and, through that, defining what success looks like. We don’t waffle. And we don’t drown you in documents. We find what’s wrong with your brand, and we build strategies from there.


Our role is to help build branding strategies that articulate the future you’ve set for yourselves. Our approach revolves around responsible and effective options to move you forward.


We listen actively. We sift and sort opinions, facts and anecdotes – and we check back with you to ensure that what we are hearing and understanding is plausible.


Over the years, we’ve worked in almost every sector, so we bring plenty of contextual understanding to projects.


Our working arrangements vary. We build brand strategies with design companies, internal teams, marketers and directly with decision makers. The common thread is a drive to do right by each brand.

Branding strategies. Built for this part of the world

Audacity delivers brand building strategies for companies and individual brands based in Australia and New Zealand. We sometimes work in other markets – but this part of the world is our happy place.