What does your business need to do next?

Imagine a new and measured future for yourselves and your customers.


Whether you’re forming a platform, in start-up, innovating, disrupting or re-starting, a newcomer strategy will ensure you make your presence felt.


If you want to improve your standing, visibility and margins in your current market, you’ll need a clear pragmatic plan to transition from where you are to where you’re going.


If you find your brand is under threat, there are options: you can develop a defensive strategy to retain your standing, you can consider repositioning, or you can rebrand.


Position your business with a sustainable strategy that plays to your business strengths.

Context Architects

Tomorrow calling


We helped this go-ahead architectural practice find the platform to embark on their next era of growth via a fuller understanding of who they are in the market, what makes them competitive and what needed to happen to lift their culture.

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Shotover Jet

Seeing red

Voice Brand Agency

When Shotover Jet were looking to rebrand, they took the opportunity to own their colour red, link their brand directly to their unique access to the Canyons and build who they are around the idea of wall to wall excitement.

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Big picture

We can help

Identify your future as a business.

Make the most of how the market sees you now

Read the market conditions

Decide what stays, what changes, what is introduced and what gets left behind

Use the disciplines of sustainability to disrupt, innovate and minimise


Talk to us about

Defining your brand

Exploring new ground

Gaining more market

Defending your market


Adjacency and expansion

Becoming a sustainable brand

Could you be doing better?

In a world where everyone says they have an answer and where new ideas claim to be what you’re looking for, a great strategy tells you what to pursue and what to ignore. Avoid the distractions.