For many years, Mark Di Somma ran a blog called Upheavals and wrote about brand for international publications from his personal site That blog is now closed for new material.

Mark also used to do keynote speaking in his personal capacity. He no longer does this.

These days, Mark has stepped back into his role as a Strategy Director within The Audacity Group and the Group’s work is focused on the New Zealand and Australian markets.

We’re proud to be running a strategy-focused company in this part of the world and we’re grateful for the relationships we have built over many years and for the work that continues to come our way.

In our experience, marketers in the region operate under quite different dynamics to larger markets. The Antipodean markets are more intense, demographically and ethnically diverse and of course more geographically distanced from major export markets.

Strategic brand building still feels like a developing discipline, but the opportunities are exciting. Marketers too are becoming much more confident about talking up their value from this part of the world.

A couple of other quick points for clarification.

After years of only working digitally, we are slowly starting to do more face -to-face work. So even though Mark Di Somma is not giving speeches any more, he still runs our brand, culture, storytelling and language workshops and sessions.

We also recognise that staying globally involved is critical to being good strategists. With that in mind, if your brand or agency is interested in working with a brand strategy team with strong working knowledge of the New Zealand and Australian markets, it would be great to talk with you.

If you’d like to work with Mark and Jackie, please use our Contact page to reach out.

If you want to reach Mark directly, you can do so at: