How to identify and meet unmet customer needs

Reading Time: 10 minutes Many people believe that an innovation will sell itself; that if they present a solution that is well crafted, brimming with features and solves the problem they have identified, then they will enjoy success. But catering to unmet customer needs, while potentially lucrative, is nowhere near as simple as just presenting buyers with something new. […]

Quickly make 5 major brand strategy decisions

Reading Time: 6 minutes Five major brand strategy decisions can help marketers and business owners quickly define the key connective elements of their wider brand definition. These crucial decisions provide a secure framework for then fully strategising successful brands. The major brand strategy decisions you should focus on first The nature of the customer need you are looking to […]

Introducing the Brand Definition Funnel

Reading Time: 11 minutes We’re all aware of the consumer decision journey that describes how buyers come to decisions. But if you’re a marketer building a brand from scratch, or you are charged with reviewing what a current brand’s future looks like, how do you review all the options you need to consider in order to make critical decisions […]