Some things are best solved together

Audacity workshops celebrate the power of bringing different perspectives together to discuss and resolve an effective way forward:

  1. A practical way to canvass and apply opinions
  2. An approach that blends guided conversation with creative brainstorm
  3. Involves 8 – 15 people from across the business or the sector
  4. Full day or half day options available – costed per session

Play to your collective strengths

Our workshops focus on finding the best outcomes for your brands. And sometimes, that magic is best reached by people from across the business coming together to canvass the fullest range of opinions and hammer out the specifics.

Start wide. And close.

We’re huge fans of the multiple roads approach. Bring people together and give them opportunities to explore the dimensions and opportunities in a situation. Create a safe environment and invite people to have their say. Debate and eliminate. And then focus everyone’s energy on making the most powerful idea as strong as it can be.

No brand is an island. Inputs welcome

Forget the usual Q&A. Our workshops are a blend of guided conversation and creative brainstorm – frank, open, constructive, lateral and shaped by the experiences and insights of all those in the room. Plenty of active listening. And capturing what’s being said across the day on boards and sheets, so that everyone can literally see how things are progressing hour by hour.

Set the agenda

We tailor each workshop to your specific challenges. Give us the big questions you want canvassed or use one of our pre-sets as the backdrop for coming to consensus.

For example, a workshop is a powerful way to plan how your brands will grow separately and together to expand your overall presence in the marketplace. You can also use a workshop setting to find and define what you are striving for as a business, and the culture you specifically need to succeed as a brand.

Our Long Arc brand storytelling workshop is an effective way to form an holistic understanding of how your long and short stories weave together to enable you to share an involving brand narrative over time.

We also offer more instructional workshops. Our Mind Your Language workshops brings writers together to explore how to write in a distinctive and consistent brand voice across your full range of touchpoints. Made for brands working with multiple agencies and/or in-house resources to ensure everyone stays on-brand.

When should you choose a workshop?

Workshops are the best option when you see exciting opportunities to involve a diverse group in deciding how you will move your brands forward. Stepping back to consider a range of ways forward puts relevant ideas on the table. And from there, it’s a case of examining and filtering until a single option stands out. There’s no more inspiring way to conclude a workshop than examining what that chosen option will mean and how it will work.

Prepared to succeed

We prepare for Audacity workshops by working closely with organisers to ensure everything is set up for success. Specifically, we’re big fans of the no-surprises approach. If we are running a workshop for you, you are well briefed on how the day will run, what we will address, in what order, to what end. By establishing clear structure, we enable participants to contribute to their potential.

Other options

We can also offer you:

Strategy sessions – the fast-track way to solve a specific problem with a senior team
Audacity consulting – let us help you solve a specific strategic problem

Next steps

Please click below to make a time to chat through what you’re looking to workshop and how you would like us to help. From there, we’ll draft a proposal setting out how your workshop might work.

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