Start with something specific.

At some point, every marketer has day-to-day issues they need to resolve. It could be a strategic issue or a cultural or storytelling matter – with particular deliverables and timeframes. If you’re facing just such an issue right now, we offer Audacity Consulting across strategy, culture and stories.

One of the advantages of having strategic and creative skills is that we can work ‘up’ and ‘down’ the delivery chain. We can develop a strategy and extrapolate it out to a creative platform or campaign; or we can solve a storytelling issue and then look at what that might mean more broadly. Or we might just be involved in an assignment – leaving those you already work with to explore anything else that needs to be addressed.

We look for ways to connect your strategy, culture and stories so that your brand feels unified. It’s critical, we believe, to building presence.

It’s normal for us to work with other parties: usually a design company; or with in-house resources. You can give us a project to work on independently and bring back. Or, if you have a particular approach, we’re happy to adapt to your methodology.

Strategy assignments

Brand structure
Customer value proposition
Strategic narrative

Cultural assignments

Articulating purpose, vision, mission
Articulating values, behaviours, personality
Brand manifesto
Employee value proposition
Internal communications

Storytelling assignments

Brand launch
Brand story
Campaign development
Concept development
Customer communications
Investor communications, including annual reports
Long and short form storytelling
Messaging frameworks
Online communications
Pitch development
Presentation development
Website content
Brand language systems

Next steps

You can see more of the work we do at our Work page. Please click below to make a time to chat through what you’re looking to resolve. From there, we’ll draft a budget and timeline.

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