Some problems demand focus.

With concentrated attention by the right people at one time you can make important progress on a matter that, if it’s not resolved, will hold everyone back. Our strategic sessions are designed to make that happen:

  1. Draw on the collected knowledge and work together to make critical decisions.
  2. Capture your best ideas in the room, then take those ideas directly back to your teams for further discussion.
  3. Involves 5 – 8 specialists from within the business
  4. Short and sharp format, designed to achieve rapid resolution
  5. Costed per session

Fast-track your answer

If you need rapid answers to pressing brand questions, a strategic session lets you bring together the best brains from everywhere to focus on what’s blocking progress. In this context, small is powerful – and the pace and the single-mindedness of the session reflects that.

The problem’s the thing

Our strategic sessions are outcome focused. They bring a small, highly experienced group with different skills together to address the barriers that are holding back the whole organisation. No-nonsense. Provocative. Designed to use the full range of knowledge available to arrive at a clear, nuanced and practical solution – in as short a timeframe as possible.

Examples of strategic sessions

Strategic sessions are intended to accelerate problem identification and decision-making around issues that are impeding progress. We tailor each session to your specific challenges. For example, address what’s holding you back as a brand by bringing together the best people you can to think through things like your positioning, customer value proposition, brand promise or brand architecture. We can run a session on purpose, or maybe vision and mission. Or perhaps it’s time to examine your values and behaviours. If you need help to tell your best story, work with us to quickly draft the outline of your strategic narrative. We’ll then craft this into a full draft for you to work with.

Making the most of the time available

In a strategic session, everything focuses on capturing the very best of the group’s thinking in writing. Sometimes we use pre-sets to elicit a response. At other times, we create what’s needed from scratch. As this happens, participants literally see the thinking developing and changing in front of their eyes. There’s momentum – but there’s also the opportunity to circle the wagons and see the same issue from a range of perspectives.

When should you choose a strategic session?

Strategic sessions are a great way to resolve a barrier without taking senior people away from their other priorities for too long. Get to a competitive answer. Do it together. And then move on – knowing that others will then have enough to work with to bring what’s been decided to life. We recommend a group of 5 – 8.

Ready to fast-track

Because we haven’t got this group for long, a lot of preparation goes into making sure we are as ready for them as possible. That can mean, for example, pre-preparing provocations for the group to react to and/or making sure we are briefed on the current state-of-play so that the session can get to the nub of the issues as quickly as possible.

Other options

If you’re not looking to involve your senior team initially, we also offer:

Audacity workshops – a great way to bring a wider group together and to tap their experiences
Audacity consulting – let us help you solve a specific brand culture problem

Next steps

Please click below to make a time to chat through what’s impeding progress and how we could shape a strategic session for key people in your business. From there, we’ll draft a proposal setting out how we would approach developing a strategic session to get you answers.

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