Your culture is no accident.

It reflects both what you encourage and what you permit. And in that sense, it’s either your most powerful asset or an extraordinary drag on what you’re looking to get done. If you’re looking to offer your people a Culture to Thrive, here’s why you should consider our approach to brand-aligned cultural change:

  1. Your Plan works specifically for your culture and the brand strategy you are responsible for delivering
  2. We come at this from both a strategic and human perspective
  3. We build on what’s working, using principles of keep, lose, enhance and change
  4. Costed as a project against defined deliverables

Moral and strategic compass

Every brand should have its own moral compass: a specific set of principles and guidelines for how it will operate and compete in its market. Achieving that starts and ends with building a principled culture – a backbone of purpose, vision, values and behaviours that helps your brand, and everyone who works for it, navigate today’s ESG expectations and stay true to what really matters.

Culture To Thrive helps you find and define what you are striving for as a business, and the culture you specifically need as a brand. Building out why you should be one type of culture rather than another, what you intend to accomplish and how every person will contribute to that sets out intentions and expectations that inspire rather than restrict.

Brand culture specific

You can use our Culture to Thrive to interrogate and resolve your underlying cultural brand  strategy. Define the scope of what you want to include, and we’ll design a specific approach for what you need to resolve.


Each Plan starts, middles and ends with listening. We use structured interviews, careful analysis and creative flair to find where your brand culture needs to position itself next in order to win, and what it’s going to take for that to happen.

The benefit of working with a specialist brand strategy team like ours is that we don’t just run a process. We don’t shoe-horn. We don’t pre-decide. 

When should you build a Culture to Thrive?

Culture to Thrive, as the name suggests, is best applied when you’re looking to better understand your ethical basis going forward: what’s go, what’s no-go and what you still need to develop to do yourselves proud. Culture to Thrive will ensure your people, strategy and principles are aligned. 

This may take some time

Big picture change like this is not a quick fix, but the consultative approach enables leaders to think through wider operational and cultural implications. Allow a minimum of four to five months to do this properly – longer, if you have more complex decision-making trees or if final decisions need to be made offshore.

Other options

If you’re not looking for big-picture change like Culture to Thrive, we can offer you:

Strategy sessions – the fast-track way to solve a specific brand culture problem with a senior team
Audacity workshops – a great way to bring a wider group together and to tap their experiences
Audacity consulting – let us help you solve a specific brand culture problem

Next steps

Please click below to make a time to chat through the context and what success looks like for your business, brand or culture. From there, we’ll draft a proposal setting out how we would approach building your Culture to Thrive.

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