20 ways to kill dull communications

20 ways to kill dull communications

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1. Promote a refreshing viewpoint.
2. Start a different conversation.
3. Shift away from the standard imagery of the industry.
4. Reveal new understanding.
5. Provide new information (that buyers are interested in).
6. Find a new call to action.
7. Set an inspiring goal.
8. Disturb – and then resolve.
9. Astonish.
10. Offer an exciting development.
11. Show an intriguing aspect of your personality.
12. Demand rivals change how they compete (for the sake of consumers).
13. Tune into something everyone recognises (away from your product).
14. Make people smile.
15. Address a widespread bias.
16. Champion a new way of doing things.
17. Redefine what’s being offered.
18. Invent (and then invest in) different language.
19. Marry disparate thoughts.
20. Help people feel wonderful about themselves, others and the world.


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