Brand strategy - the visible and the invisible

Brand strategy: the visible and the invisible

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Tactics are like torchlight. You switch them on, they show you a way forward, you act on them there and then. They’re logical, reactive, contemporary. Your customers and your competitors probably see and react to them in exactly the same light.

Great strategy is like starlight. What you’re seeing coming out of a company now was established and agreed upon a long way back. It started its journey many many years ago, has been influencing the way the company thinks and competes for ages, and has taken all this time to become visible.

You’re only aware of it now, as a consumer, because it’s finally made it to your field of vision. You saw a press release. Someone said something. There was a product launch …

Here’s the amazing bit. What you cannot see, because it’s nowhere near reaching you, is the strategy that these companies are creating right now for the markets of tomorrow.

Two things about that matter. It can take that long for a great brand to develop and roll its strategy and its story. But making sure it’s still right is something that the best brands check almost every day.

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    1. Great suggestion Alex – as always. Don’t think I can do this on the current platform – but absolutely something to include when I update the site. As a rich starmaker in your own right, I’m glad you like the analogy. Cheers, Mark.

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