The fallacy of frantic

The fallacy of frantic

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Being busy doesn’t make you invincible. It just makes you … busy, for now. Except of course being rude to your customers or not returning their calls or treating them like they’re expendable, or doing the one hundred other things we’re all tempted to do when we’re busy isn’t just a now thing. It’s a lot more permanent.

Part of making hay while the sun shines is ensuring you don’t kill off the whole paddock in the bid to get today’s work out.

Like all feelings, invincibility is powerful … while it lasts. Some time in the future though, one of your competitors will be hard at work. Doing the job that your people gave away today … Because they (and you) didn’t make the time to think about what would happen when things weren’t frantic.

And because, in your bid to get the work out, you forgot that the experience of dealing with you always matters. To them. To the business. To the brand.

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