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The real secret to B2B pitching: being connective

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It’s easy to look at your pitch and to be pleased with your work; to feel that it has captured you perfectly and expressed what you are about and what you have to offer. It’s also irrelevant. Because, to be blunt, no-one’s as interested in your pitch as you are. They’re really only interested in themselves and what you can do for them. They probably hear similar claims and ideas everywhere they turn.

As marketers it’s hard to resist the call to say your piece, to state your case. Until you realise that your piece and your case are exactly that – yours. Simple suggestion. Drop the y. Say our piece. State our case. Prepare the piece and the case you share, not the one you want to sell.

Pitch the partnership. And directly connect the partnership to results. When we do this, this happens … Because when you do that, you instantly add ownership, responsibility and respect. So think “Why are we going to sell more apples?” or “How are we going to bring more trade this way?”

A great B2B pitch is not about the answer you have or even the one you bring or offer to develop. It’s really about the problem we will solve. The one others couldn’t. Or haven’t seen. Shine a light on that.


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