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The absolute need to challenge (even if you’re not a challenger brand)

Reading Time: 14 minutes Every day, business owners are pitched opportunities to take their brands in a ‘new’ direction or to stay the course—by colleagues, by their agencies, because of the actions of competitors or by delegations of customers or suppliers. When everyone has a tactic and everything is presented as a panacea, how do you sift the wheat […]

This blog is now closed

Reading Time: < 1 minute It’s been a whole lot of fun writing the posts for this Upheavals blog for so many years. I’ve had a blast, and met some great people (many of whom will be forever friends), but everything must come to an end. I can’t see myself travelling or speaking to groups for some time. So I’ve […]

Quickly make 5 major brand strategy decisions

Reading Time: 6 minutes Five major brand strategy decisions can help marketers and business owners quickly define the key connective elements of their wider brand definition. These crucial decisions provide a secure framework for then fully strategising successful brands. The major brand strategy decisions you should focus on first The nature of the customer need you are looking to […]

Introducing the Brand Definition Funnel

Reading Time: 11 minutes We’re all aware of the consumer decision journey that describes how buyers come to decisions. But if you’re a marketer building a brand from scratch, or you are charged with reviewing what a current brand’s future looks like, how do you review all the options you need to consider in order to make critical decisions […]