Brand affinity: 10 ways to build a truly likeable brand

Reading Time: 4 minutes Most brands would say they want to be as popular as possible, and many of them would see social media as a way to achieve that. But as David McInnis commented: “You can have all the social pieces in place but doing so does not make you likeable. Most companies that have a social strategy […]

How your product brand can gain an emotional advantage

Reading Time: 3 minutes Just getting a presence for your product in most markets can be hard work. A longer runway than anyone expects. A lot more patience required as well. Long days having to justify every metre of shelf space you’re allocated. And to what end? It’s hard work taking your product from an option to a choice. […]

Brand dynamics: the shapeshifting of brand likeability

Reading Time: 5 minutes Our traditional view of product preference has for many years mirrored our view of markets. A bell curve, where products rise in popularity over time, sustain leadership through a period of maturity and then decline or are overtaken by another bell-curve driven by product development that supersedes the declining model and looks to take it […]

Affirmation: how to make a brand experience really count

Reading Time: 2 minutes Everybody wants to feel they got value for money. Sure – but when exactly does something feel like it was “worth it”? At what point or points does a brand experience gain that sense of affirmation for a customer? What role does affirmation play in winning the burgeoning brand experience war?

Familiarity 2.0 is driving brand community

Reading Time: 3 minutes It’s easy to underestimate the huge changes that have taken place in the dynamics of the brand-customer relationship in recent years. Brands and consumers are now engaged at whole new levels of familiarity. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn et al haven’t just brought people closer, they have enabled entirely new types of brand community to evolve and […]

30 things likeable brands do

Reading Time: 4 minutes Being likeable is not about being liked by everyone. Likeable brands actually need to be very clear about who likes them and why and how they need to behave in order to continue to appeal to their community. 10 ways to build a truly likeable brand states the principles of likeability and is one of […]

What’s the difference between a lovemark and a trustmark?

Reading Time: 3 minutes This article in Harvard Health Blog in many ways mirrors why consumers take comfort in choosing branded products generally. A brand name means they know what to ask for. They believe in the quality that they associate with the brand. The distribution system believes in the brand.