Many roads, one goal

Presentation: Many roads, one goal

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Many Roads, One Goal is based on my most popular blog post ever. It’s about why it takes more than one strategy to find the best strategy and how you can develop a portfolio of strategies to overcome challenging times, implement and test them in batches, and then manage the portfolio down from many to whatever the market has revealed works best.

With the portfolio strategy, you’re not left waiting around for a final answer to emerge on how to proceed. Instead, you can ‘take and test’ a range of powerful approaches in market, within defined resource and risk parameters.

Who is this presentation for?

This is an interactive presentation for brand owners and strategic leaders in charge of ambitious brands in swiftly changing markets. Book this presentation if you want to act fast, think faster and are looking for a way to approach strategy that will keep pace with your growth goals and out-manoeuvre your competitors.

Presentation outline

  • One idea is never enough – ultimately every successful idea is the culmination of others and a reaction to the many more that failed.
  • First where, then why – the goal you set ultimately decides the mind-set with which you compete.
  • Every road is strong – the best way to get a powerful choice set is to start with options that are each potentially strong enough, competitive enough and profitable enough to support the brand’s ambitions.
  • Mutually inclusive – the power of the portfolio lies in the fact that just as each option is strong in its own right, each option also complements every other option and in fact could add to its effectiveness.
  • There is no failure – the purpose of each strategy is not to win or lose – but to clarify how the brand achieves its goal. Those that don’t make it, therefore, are as important as those that do.
  • After the end point – even the best strategy can’t last forever. I talk through what to do when your strategy has done its job and how to take the portfolio strategy to the next level.

Why this presentation?

  • Leverage the uncertainty that dogs markets these days to your ultimate advantage.
  • Many businesses approach strategy as a robust, logical process. Here’s how you add all-important creativity into your approaches.
  • Give your teams the means to approach your key goal from many angles.
  • Turn time to your advantage. Know when and why to cull and what you need to progress.
  • Use the portfolio strategy to keep evolving. A powerful tool in the iterative economy.


Book an interactive keynote to discuss the principles, or ask for a longer session where we can talk about your situation specifically and in depth.


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