Strategic goal setting, water and bicycles

Reading Time: 4 minutes Here’s a salutary little tale about strategic goal setting. It’s no news that there is a global water crisis and that large corporations, which consume 40% of all the water used in the developed world, have an important role to play in being part of the solution. Which brings us to the dichotomy. On the […]

15 reasons why “no-one else has complained”

Reading Time: < 1 minute 1.     They didn’t have time 2.     They couldn’t be bothered 3.     They didn’t want to interact with you a moment longer than they had to 4.     They didn’t know how to complain (because you didn’t make it easy) 5.     They didn’t feel they could talk to you 6.     They didn’t think you could change 7.     […]

Brand ROI’s (and why they differ)

Reading Time: 3 minutes Analytics have changed not just what marketers measure but how brands now appraise success. The temptation is to see all the metrics we have access to as correlated and, by inference, of similar and perhaps even related measurable value. We look at one analytic and wonder what its impact will be on another and on […]